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Willis Kempo Kung-Fu School is a growing KAJUKENBO school with a home-style atmosphere.

 KAJUKENBO is the official name of a style that has its roots in Hawaii. It is a true American martial art that originated on the tough streets of the Palama district on the island of Oahu in 1947. Five martial artists, each a master in a different style, worked together to create and develop the "ULTIMATE SELF DEFENSE SYSTEM." They were referred to then and now as the "Black Belt Society."

Here at Willis Kempo Kung- Fu School, we feel this is the ultimate karate for the future. It's a complete art that is 50% feet and 50% hands. It's a idealistic self defense system. We teach "Gaylord's Method" of KAJUKENBO. Specialized classes are offered for men, women and children and private lessons are available. For a reasonable fee you can enroll in a Martial Art lesson program designed to provide physical fitness that will improve your stamina, balance, coordination and strength. You will also learn practical, safe self-defense that has the additional advantage of developing your self-confidence in everyday life.

The five Black Belt Society masters' personal contributions in KAJUKENBO were as follows:

KA (long life) - comes from the word karate, an art form that emphasize hard and powerful techniques. The karate influence was from Tang Soo Do, brought by P.Y.Y.Choo.

JU (happiness) - comes from judo and jujitsu, art forms that emphasize throwing, locks and sweeps. The judo and jujitsu influence was from Kodenkan Jujitsu brought by Joe Holck and Kodokan Judo brought by Frank Orodonez.

KEN (fist) - comes from Kenpo, a form of karate that emphasizes multiple and fluid hand techniques, not hard and powerful ones. The Kenpo influence was from Kosho Ryu Kenpo brought by Adrian Emperado.

BO (style) - comes from Chinese and American boxing. Chinese boxing means kung-fu, which emphasizes flexibility and agility, parrying, and evasive movements that flow together. The Chinese boxing influence was from Northern and Southern Sil-Lum styles brought by Clarence Chang.

As time went on the art matured, and in the early 1960's KAJUKENBO came to the mainland. The five gentlemen who are recognized as bringing the art to the mainland are Tony Ramos, Aleju Reyes, Joe Halbuna, Al Dacascos, and Charles Gaylord.


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